Thursday, 21 January 2016

I cannot stress enough the importance of retaining local pools in all three locations!

Maybe current councillors and candidates - who are facing election in May - are worried about the huge public backlash now taking place regarding the proposed closures of the Ashton, Denton and Dukinfield Swimming Pools.
This would explain why Labour in Dukinfield are now campaigning for a Swimming Pool in Dukinfield and Labour in Ashton are campaigning for a Swimming Pool in Ashton; whilst Labour in Denton are campaigning for a Swimming Pool in Denton. Yet, at the same time, it is Tameside Labour Council proposing to shut all 3 pools!
However, this must not be allowed to become a local political version of the X-Factor - and certainly should not be turned into what is fast becoming a very ugly political beauty contest between the various Labour councillors.
I cannot stress enough the importance of retaining local pools in all three locations. Each of them are pools easy to access for the local communities they serve and closing any of them would impact upon the elderly and families with young children who would then have to travel greater distances.
This WILL deter many local people from taking up this form of exercise in the future; whilst discouraging people to maintain healthy exercise will eventually lead to greater strains on the NHS and putting that right will end up costing much more money in the longer term.
Currently, these pools provide Aqua fit classes, pre-ducks, little ducks and ducklings - not to mention Lane and General swimming sessions and other swimming clubs; whilst the national curriculum also requires swimming lessons for all children at Key Stages 1 & 2.
Over 2500 people have now signed the petition NO SWIMMING POOL CLOSURES IN TAMESIDE and there have been over 500 comments written via Facebook and on the petition site. Please see link:

If Tameside Council does have £10 million to spend and are also looking into "partnership arrangements" to bring in extra cash; then perhaps using it to subsidise public health initiatives, such as providing free swimming for all young people under 17 during school holidays - as Manchester Council did during the last summer break - or similar activities for the elderly and for people with disabilities throughout the year would actually yield much more positive results!
Carl Simmons

21st January 2016

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