This is a survey for the people of Denton South, Tameside

Are there any ongoing issues regarding where you live or any housing issues for e.g. litter, damaged pavements or pot holes, damp patches within the home, leaks on roofs? (Please tick boxes applicable) It shouldn't take long to complete.

The results of the survey (not including any personal details for e.g. your name, address, or e-mails.) will be presented to the Tameside Council and to the housing groups mentioned in survey. We hope that collectively the relevant parties will take note of the information provided and act accordingly.

Keep a record

When you make contact with a housing group or the council regarding any query, it might be an idea to make a note of the date, time, the name of staff spoken to, what was discussed and keep a log of any booked appointments, also ask for a reference number.

Click here to take survey

Best Regards, Carl Simmons Independent

25th February 2014

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