Councillor's Allowances

Tameside Labour have apparently taken every advantage of the idea of sex equality and equal representation to put the husbands, wives and partners of existing councillor's and MP's on the Council.

It would also appear that the best way for anyone to become a councillor in Tameside is either to be married or related to an existing Labour councillor or MP or else to be in a relationship with one?

As the recent revelation of councillor's allowances has shown, having two members of the same household on the Council can generate thousands of £'s in Allowances (£39,984 per couple in some cases).

Being Leader at the same time as the wife is the Mayor can generate even more (£84,314.96).

There is nothing illegal in all this, but I do believe it to be morally wrong!

Taking advantage of a system where there is either little or no genuine Opposition in most Wards and a great deal of voter apathy to have more than one family member on the council could create the impression that some of our current councillor's are really not much better than the cowboy builders, con-artists and benefit fraudsters who, every day, we read and hear so much about?

To avoid giving this impression and with Labour currently having such a massive majority on Tameside Council, I believe they should now take steps to ensure that, in the future, no further husband/wife/partner or other related teams will be allowed on the council.

There are around 275,000 people living in the borough and I believe that the people representing us should come from as broad a range as possible? Surely the related councillor's could even consider giving other individuals in their own Party a chance to show what they can do - instead of selfishly clinging onto and seemingly milking their own positions?

Carl Simmons
Denton South Independent
8th April 2013

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