Elect all Councillors at the same time!

Only a couple of months ago, Labour Council Leader Kieran Quinn told the Advertiser: "In Tameside, the public say Labour councillors are doing a good job".

Well, here are the results from the last local elections in 2012 that I believe Councillor Quinn should really be taking notice of:

Ashton Hurst 66.4%, Ashton St Michael's 71.5%, Ashton Waterloo 70%, Audenshaw 70.4%, Denton North East 70.5%, Denton South 68.2%, Denton West 66%, Droylsden East 69.6%, Droylsden West 69.8%, Dukinfield 72%, Dukinfield/Stalybridge 68.6%, Hyde Godley 71.1%, Hyde Newton 70.5%, Hyde Werneth 56%, Longdendale 66.3%, Mossley 67.9%, St Peter's 71.2%, Stalybridge North 71.5%, Stalybridge South 68.9%

These percentages are of the number of Tamesiders who did not vote, mostly because they decided that voting would be a complete waste of their time. Why should they vote when the result is already decided? They can vote Tory, Liberal Democrat, Ukip, Green, BNP or Monster Raving Loony, but with Labour now having 52 out of 57 councillors and only 19 council seats up for re-election in 2014, Labour have already "won the election" before a single vote is cast!

If Labour are doing such a good job in Tameside - then what have they to fear by having regular elections for all the councillors at the same time!

Maybe when people know that voting can actually change things - they will vote?

Carl Simmons
Denton South Independent
30th June 2013

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