"The Weeds in the Garden" - the need to cut back the power of the political parties

In response to the recent round of Party Political Conferences, it is
a great problem with our politics, that our politicians expect any
person having the slightest interest in political issues to be a
supporter of either Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Ukip,
Green or some other fancy political party group – in much the same way
as every single person is born either as a Pisces, Taurus, Gemini,
Virgo, Sagittarius or some other part of the horoscope.

Political parties were first created in the days when mass movements
were actually needed. The three main Tory political parties
(Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat) now have a combined
membership of around 433,000 which continues to decline and that is
not surprising when you consider that these political parties tend to
combine all the high moral tones of religious faith with almost all
the methods of the mafia! Each one claims to campaign for the people -
but at what point will the people be so empowered that the political
party believes its job to be done and disbands itself? The answer to
that is never!

The party politicians continue to be exposed for putting national
party political advantage before the views of the local people who
they were elected to represent. The politician does nothing but follow
the policies and views of the party and, once elected, shows time and
time again to be incapable of expressing any individual thought! As a
result, party politicians continue to lose the trust and support of
the people and the consequence is that they will eventually fade from
having any meaningful role in local government. When that happens,
hopefully we can at last begin to live in a proper people’s democracy
where the people’s views are no longer able to be ignored.

All people need do in the meantime is continue to speak out and no
longer allow themselves be exploited by some self-serving political
party. The people are no longer children in need of guidance by some
know-all local representative of a national political party. Yet the
people need to act, speak out and - when the time comes - vote and
always remember that political parties are like weeds in the garden,
unless you pull them all out by their roots they will always continue
to grow back!

Carl Simmons
Denton South Independent
2nd October 2013

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