Tameside Labour Council - get your priorities right!

Tameside Labour Council can find money to spend £1.2 million on the
redevelopment of Hyde Market; over £1 million on a recent distribution
of Brown bins across Tameside and £4.5 million on the redevelopment of
the area in front of Ashton Town Hall.

Yet they were unable to keep open Public Toilets or the
Libraries.....and now, in the latest round of cuts, we could lose both
the Yew Tree Centre ( the only community building on the Yew Tree
Estate) and the Duke Street Music Project which supports young people
right across Tameside?

Both these places (along with other centres throughout Tameside)
provide valuable help and assistance to the local community - and yet
Tameside Labour Council say they are forced to make cuts?

But have they cut the number of Councillors per Ward? Are any top
executives losing their jobs? Will Tameside Council stop wasting much
needed financial resources by scrapping funding of their own pet

It is time that Tameside Labour Council got their priorities right!

By Carl Simmons
Denton South Independent
25th February 2013

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