Firstly, thank you to all who voted in Denton South and especially to everyone who voted Independent. 1085 people in Denton South voted for Carl Simmons/Independent in the 2014 local elections. Over the last three years the Independent vote in Denton South has continued to rise. Please see graph below:
Also, in the last three years there has been a significant decline in the Labour vote which continues to fall, year on year. See graph below:

Just 3% now separates me and Labour. This confirms that the demand for change is growing and becoming stronger at each successive election. The demand for change from the people in Denton South is becoming loud and clear and soon will become impossible for Tameside Council to ignore.

I will continue to campaign for the changes that are needed within Tameside Council - and in response to the continuing support shown over the last 3 years I WILL stand once again for election next year. Finally, I would like to say ... THANK YOU, TO ALL THOSE RESIDENTS IN DENTON SOUTH WHO GAVE ME THEIR VOTE!

Carl Simmons 
Denton South Independent

Friday 23rd May 2014

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