Yet more Labour hypocrisy over Council Tax!

Tameside Labour Council finds money for it's own pet projects in Tameside whilst closing public toilet facilities, libraries and community centres across the Borough. It is a Council with an overwhelming majority of Labour Councillors that refuses to reform itself by reducing the number of Councillors per Ward but can raise the Council Tax by 3.5% and blame the Tory-led Government for forcing them to do it!
As Labour MP Andrew Gwynne says:
"These changes to Council Tax will impact on a large number of people in Denton and Reddish" and "we need to make sure that the blame for the changes to Council Tax relief lies where it should - with David Cameron and his Tory-led Government."
Yes Mr Gwynne, Universal Credit and the Bedroom Tax will indeed have an impact - a devastating impact - upon those on the lowest incomes in receipt of benefits and the most vulnerable in our society. Many people will be forced to put food on the table before paying bills and many will turn to loan companies to make ends meet.
And when people do start missing their Council Tax payments because of the changes imposed by this nasty Tory-led Goverment they will find Mr Gwynne's nice and caring Labour Council sending out threatening letters, hauling them before the Magistrates Courts and imposing extra charges upon them!
So, instead of point scoring when your own Labour Party is just as bad as the Tory-led Government how about Tameside Labour Council:
1) allowing people who do find work or are currently in unforseen circumstances at least a three-month breathing space - so that they can at least be given the chance to get themselves back on a firm financial footing - before they have to begin paying their Council Tax? or
2) allowing people at least the full twelve months to pay their Council Tax before resorting to any Court action as this could help people to prioritise any debts they may have? or
3) actually scrapping the imposition of extra charges in genuine cases of financial hardship?
Tameside Labour Council should stop seeking to profit from people's financial distress and using it for their own party political advantage!

Carl Simmons
Denton South Independent
9th March 2013

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