Concierge Service = Increased Rents!

The letter from IVHA sent this week - but dated 7th August 2013

I have this evening received - along with other residents of Castleton, Southey and Fitzgerald Courts - the above letter from Irwell Valley Housing Association regarding the proposed provision of a 24-hour, 7 days a week concierge service for all the multi-storey blocks.

The letter states a six month pilot scheme taking place, yet is itself backdated by six months - so according to the letter it would seem that we have already had the pilot period. Nor does the letter provide any point of contact for residents who would be opposed to the concierge proposal. The letter also gives no indication as to what percentage of the costs would form the residents contribution for such a service?

It was only 6 months ago that Irwell Valley were proposing the same thing with a additional cost to each home of £7.04 per week on top of the rent.

£7.04 per week would have added £366.08 to the yearly rent - at a time when many residents are already struggling financially.

The letter does not outline what the duties of the Concierge service will be? Will they patrol each of the blocks floor by floor from top to bottom? Will they patrol the outer grounds and the car park areas? Will they control access by all visitors through means of a signing-in book and via a security controlled door-entry system? Such information has not been stated in the letter!

If the already installed CCTV cameras have been successful - as Irwell Valley suggest - at no cost to residents, then why is there a need for the additional concierge service?

As stated in my previous article, if Irwell Valley really want to help reduce anti-social behaviour, improve our security, reduce vandalism, theft and fly-tipping, then they could do this through co-operation with Tameside Council and local businesses to provide a professional Security Service to patrol the whole of the estate, as well as the multi-storey blocks - at no cost to residents. After all, crime and anti-social behaviour is not restricted just to the three blocks - but is a problem faced by the whole of the local community!

Finally,in regard to their having the gardens landscaped, just see the link below and what do you think?

There is, no doubt, much else that could be said about Irwell Valley various claims to have made substantial improvements to Castleton, Southey and Fitzgerald Courts. Yet, when it all boils down to it, we residents are going to be paying a substantial increase on top of our rent!

Carl Simmons
Denton South Independent
Monday 10th February 2014

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