Party Conference time again!

So the Political Party conference season is upon us once again. The
Tories will say that, thanks to them the economy is back on track and
blame the last Labour Government for putting Britain into recession.
Labour will blame the Tories for only making things worse and say that
they have learned the lessons of the past and will get it right next
time. The Liberal Democrats will blame both Labour and the Tories and
say that it is their own influence in the Coalition Government that is
helping the country etc, etc, etc.

The truth is that time after time, each political party offers to
every person the tantalising prospect that, if only they will vote for
and continue to support them, everyone will eventually live, happily
ever after, in a place transformed forever into some magical fantasy
realm like Narnia? Yet, almost as soon as the political party gets
back into power, the people very quickly discover that they have been
led once more through the Black Gate and into the dark land of Mordor
– from which no amount of wishes can take them back! Having the choice
between Labour and Conservative may as well be like having to choose
between the Orcs and the Goblins – though some of their supporters may
reply that either of them would be preferable to the Trolls of the
other parties?

And as we approach next years local elections we will find Labour
councillors diverting attention to national issues to cover up their
failings in Tameside, while the Tory candidates use whatever good news
they have about the national situation to maintain and bolster their
own position on Tameside Council. Any Liberal Democrat candidates -
who seem to require an A-Z to find Tameside - will only do the same.

Remember, we have lost our libraries, community centres and other
public facilities because of these politicians. We have farcical,
undemocratic local elections where the party in power (Labour) stays
in power, where we have councillors who treat their position as a "job
for life" and where seats on the council are being taken up by more
and more couples with every election.

Local politics are far too important to involve any national political
party. There has never been a more important time for Tamesiders to
speak out, stand and campaign as independent candidates; or even to
just vote in their own areas against all those councillors who
continue to put their own national party before the well-being of the
local people that they are supposed to represent!

Carl Simmons
Denton South Independent
20th September 2013

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